The Animistic Filipinos

24 Weeks, April 2023
Branding, Design Research, Product/UX UI| Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Procreate

honour & explore
Animism in the Philippines

Keywords: 15th & 16th century, Babaylan, Spiritualism, Pre-colonialism

Project Info
The precolonial Philippines was rich in multicultural beliefs and practices, with Animism at the center of their spirituality. Through Animism, indigenous Filipinos believed in both good and bad spirits inhabiting the entire archipelago. Women were regarded as equal to men and were assigned important roles within society. The crash course explores the prominence of spirituality in the Philippines before the colonization of Spain, how these practices changed during colonization, and whether any practices have survived to this day.
Design Rationale
The site is composed of different animations on par with written information as users navigate through the pages. It is constructed in a way that will keep the viewers visually pleased and engaged with each excerpt they come across. The site references and gives recognition to various Filipino artists. Additionally, there are key illustrations that I drew from tons of inspirations, representing the 15th-century Filipinos.
Merch Design
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