(Tagalog. Used as a greeting or to express good wishes)

I'm Azile Nuñez (uhh•zeel noo•nyez), I was born in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and now, adulting in Canada 🇨🇦

Aside from my never ending appreciation in graphic design, I love spending my spare time with cooking experiments 🍽️ , watching animal/wildlife documentaries🔍, reviewing horror/thriller films 🎬, and punch needling!

ps. I'm also keen on self-care and spirituality too 😌

"exploring every possibility and beyond"

What I love the most about being a graphic designer is the process of brainstorming and exploring the ideas that come to mind, inspired by almost everything I see.

Most of my design skills focus on Brand Design, while the rest involve developing skills in Motion Design and Package Design.In recent years, I have aimed to explore my cultural heritage with the goal of reconnecting with my roots through graphic design. I aspire to become a pioneer in the field of Filipino graphic design.