Panagbenga Flower Festival

12 Weeks, December 2021 | Updated February 2023
Branding, Digital | Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

reimagined & rebranded
Baguio Flower Festival, Philippines

Keywords: colourful, lively, appreciative, bloom, loud, welcoming, uplifting

Project Info
The Panagbenga Festival is celebrated in Baguio City, Philippines. It is held during the summer for a month, usually from the end of February
to March. Panagbenga Festival is one of Philippine's most anticipated celebration
not only nationally but also internationally. The rebranding further expresses the celebration's magnificence and distinctiveness through communicating a representational and symbolic approach. The main concept touches on the "oneness" 
of various communities and Indigenous peoples
in support of each other to appreciate and share ethnic culture and customs.
Design Rationale
The overall design uses vibrant and traditional colours relative to the festival. As it is a festival of flowers, it explores layouts inspired by the events taking place as well as the elements found in festival. This could revolve around principles such as the use of pattern, movement, emphasis and variety.
The rebranding focuses on catering to the appeal of middle-aged tourists, locals and non-locals who are looking forward
to the cultural festival. It also draws in inspiration from people who go to carnivals, thrilled about nature, and are outgoing and curious.
Merch Design