Modulayer, Lounge Café

12 Weeks, April 2023
Branding, Motion, Print | Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro

envision and it's yours
a modular space for work and leisure

Keywords: comfort, productivity, convenience, daycation

Project Info
It is a three-part part project with Project 1 completed with a group to select a "generic" profession for a business model and investigate innovative ideas for the post-Covid-19 world. We conducted a business investigation to propose a new brand and company. After pitching an overview for the business idea, we split into our own individual interpretations of how to further construct and solidify the solutions we presented. Project 2 revolves around the brand identity schemes of the business and the last project, Project 3 is about the campaign branding of the business.
Design Rationale
Modulayer provides convenience to help individuals manifest their ideal work and leisure space. We dedicate our space to being a "daycation" or lounge spot, as well as an immersive workroom. At a time when individuals may be socially deprived and/or cautious about traveling or going on vacations, it utilizes the "getaway" feel and the benefits of greenery and nature exposure as incentives for people to go out. Modulayer is the dream space à la carte as it offers a zen or retreat-like experience.
Merch Design